Lukhanyo Primary School

The Primary School in Zwelihle, Lukhanyo, caters for 1600 children from the township. This number is somewhat transitory, as people leave and arrive in Zwelihle. The principal, Mr Morris Tshabalala, is native to the township and has a great understanding of the needs of the people – this is the only primary school that takes children from Zwelihle .
There are two deputy principals and twenty four teachers. There is a theoretical student teacher ratio of 40:1 but this only applies where there are enough classrooms.

Primary Education is “compulsory” from seven years of age but there are still many children who don’t go to school because their parents can’t afford the uniform and shoes. Education starts at an optional Grade 0, reception year for 5 and 6 year olds and progresses at primary level to Grade 7. Students are taught in their native language, Xhosa, up to Grade 3, and then in Grade 4, English is introduced and from Grade 5 to Grade 7 all subjects are taught through English. Grade 7 students also learn a little Afrikaans.

At school, each child gets a hot lunch for example samp beans and bread, mielie meal or soup. The South African government gives the school grant aid for providing this service.
There are no fees to attend the school but a child must have a uniform and a pair of shoes to attend. These basic necessities, cost €50 per annum.
The school, like many more in South Africa is under resourced in terms of classrooms, adequately qualified teachers and space for student recreation. Classrooms are overcrowded with an average of 63 children in small rooms. Sometimes, there is not enough desks and chairs for the children in a classroom and there is almost no resource material available. Most teachers cannot get around their classroom to individual students because of the overcrowding, in some rooms, the teacher has no desk or chair due to a lack of space.

Lukhanyo Primary School has been fortunate to acquire 30 computers from local business sponsorships and now has a dedicated computer room. The older children learn basic computer skills and their parents are taught computer skills at Evening Classes.


Sixteen- Twenty new classrooms and ancillary services 
Books, Pencils, Copies, Crayons, Markers
Arts and Crafts and Resource Material
Special Needs Teachers and Rooms
Multifunctional Room
Ability to cater for all the children from Zwelihle 


The people of the Sacred Heart Parish have sponsored SIXTY FIVE pupils in Lukhanyo Primary School.
This sponsorship provided them with uniforms and shoes for the school year.