Thought for the Season


The Word became flesh, he lived among us Jn1:14. What an extraordinary truth – God has come among us. And it’s something else as well. Normally a birthday is a very personal thing. The cards and cakes and congratulations are for the person concerned – Happy Birthday to you!

The birthday of Christ is different. It’s a birthday in which we all share. For a Son has been born for us, a Son has been given to us Is9:5. It’s not just his birth in Bethlehem, it’s our birth in salvation. It’s our birth in hope and meaning and direction and destiny. It makes sense of our being born at all.

We are not just saying Happy Birthday to him. We are saying Happy Birthday to us. Happy Birthday to humankind. Happy birthday to all who struggle through life and put their hope in God. There is a sense in which this is everybody’s birthday. There were so many born in that stable in Bethlehem that only God can keep track of them all.

So it’s a time to celebrate. Jesus is the light in our darkness, the healer in our sickness, the certainty in our doubt, the comfort in our loneliness, the Saviour in our sin. Jesus is the only person in human history who gives total meaning to our human existence. In this Christmas season we celebrate the scattering of the darkness, the descent of love, the release of hope. What a reason we have to rejoice!


I hope you do celebrate this Christmas and that you enjoy every minute of it. Thank you for everything during the past year, for your goodness and your faith. Thanks be to God for another Christmas, for the gift of his Son and the promise of salvation.
God bless you and yours and have a very happy Christmas.


Perhaps the short reflection Christmas Prayer by Donal Neary SJ from The Calm Beneath The Storm may help as we continue the journey of faith with Jesus:


I pray, Lord, that the simplicity of your presence
will bring to birth in me and in others
a compassion for the poor,
a hunger for justice among the oppressed,
and a real desire for brotherhood among nations.


May this Christmas be a time of
sincere reconciliation,
lasting forgiveness,
deep rooted joy.


May it be the smile of God,
and the fragrance of your holy presence among us all.


Thank you, Lord, for coming among us.