Hospice Support Project

A home care service for the dying has been developed for the Zwelihle township. The local clinic nurse identifies the patients most in need of assistance and arranges for one of the home care team to visit as necessary.

Six local ladies have been trained as “home carers”. They seek to ease the physical discomfort of the patient and to ensure that the sick person has adequate nutrition, clean clothing and emotional support.

This hospice support - home care service helps to maintain the family unit for as long as possible and aims to give the patient dignity and comfort in their own home.

Support of this project involves covering the cost of basic care visits, food provision and medical/ incontinence products.
Supporting one Hospice Home Care Patient for one month is €115.


Hospice Care Update:

The people of the Sacred Heart Parish have sponsored TWO Hospice patients.
This sponsorship provides clean clothing, food and medication for terminally ill patients in their own homes.