Pastoral Council

Mission Statement:

Drawn from the local faith community, the Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council will share God’s Word by serving the people of the parish. Through its’ reflection and leadership, it will cherish, protect and develop the strengths of the community, equip it for the future and reach out to the church of the diocese and the wider world

The members of the Pastoral Council are either elected from the parish, or nominated to represent groups within the Parish – Youth, Sport, Education, Finance, Liturgy and Social groups.

The current Parish Pastoral Council took up office in May 2012 and will serve until April 2015


Fr. Gerard Chestnutt, Fr. Francis Xavier, Miriam Broderick, Margaret Brooks, John Butler, Fidelma Cassidy, Annette Coughlan,
Renee Fraher, Geoff Fitzpatrick, Maria Grant, Richard Horsfall, Mary Rose Kiely, Elaine O’Neill, Denis Shanahan and Mary Walsh