Education Project – Qhayiya Secondary School

The Secondary School in the township, Qhayiya, provides education to over 800 pupils. Pupils start at 12- 13 years and progress from grade 8 to grade 12. Matriculation exams take place at the end of the grade 12 year.
The school day starts at 8am and continues until 3.30pm, with a 45 minute lunch break.
Qhayiya is an old building, with large imposing corridors and high ceilings. There are almost no notices, no posters, no artwork, no sports results or fixtures. There is a huge lack of resources- not enough text books, copies, pens, resource material. The school does not have a canteen, shop or any area for the teenagers to go to have their lunch, so some students tend to drift off home at lunchtime but don’t return for the afternoon classes.
Qhayiya has a new purpose built multifunction room. However, last winter, the roof leaked and destroyed the floor. The floor was removed but has not been replaced, so this room is now out of bounds for the students.
There are 50- 55 students in each class. All subjects should be taught through English but some teachers still persist in teaching in the native language Xhosa. This is confusing for the students, as all examinations are conducted in English.
The school had a below average pass grade for the Matric exam in 2007 , so the Department of Education has appointed a young “superintendant principal” and hopes are high that education standards will improve.
Even if a student does well at their Matric exam, it is almost impossible for them to go to University as the costs involved are prohibitive.
The basic requirements for as child to attend the school are a full uniform, shoes and an annual fee of €20. 
The total cost to send one child to secondary school is €70 per annum

Qhayiya Wish List

Fix the leaking roof and floor in the Multi purpose room
6-10 extra classrooms and services
Better Computer Access
More Text books, resource material, arts and crafts material



Qhayiya Update

The people of the Sacred Heart Parish have sponsored FIFTY FIVE pupils in Quayiya Secondary School.
This sponsorship provided them with uniforms, shoes and school fees for the school year.